Full Ultimate Tantric Journey

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Full Ultimate Tantric Journey

This massage is similar to tantric body-to-body massage but more intense. The treatment includes a 15 minutes, undressing ritual and soapy bathing ritual in bath or shower, followed by tantra body to body massage complete with lingam massage and prostate massage (optional).

At the start of the session, you and your therapist will strip. There is also a special undressing ritual. You'll be blindfolded during this ritual. Then, gradually, your charming masseur will remove each piece of clothing that is currently adorning your body. A 10 mins bathing ritual kicks off your Ultimate Tantric Soul Mate quest. Allow yourself to be soaked in hot water while your preferred strapping masseur joins you. As the bubbles caress your skin, feel him wrapping himself around you. Depending on your preference, you can do your bathing regimen in either a shower or a bath.

When you finish your bathing ritual, you will be guided to the Tantric Suite, where the rest of the treatment will take place. All of the Ultimate gay tantric masseurs have no inhibitions or hang-ups, and they'll help you do the same. As your body, still tingling from the water, is now given to sumptuous Swedish and deep-tissue treatment, any pent-up worries and niggles that haven't already melted away throughout the bathing procedure will begin to vanish. A strong, male hand will now begin to ease your aches, knots, pains, and twinges, wherever they may be.


If you start moaning out of sheer enjoyment, don't be embarrassed. It's music to your masseur's ears, and it's a sign that you're exactly where he wants you, doing the greatest work. The appropriate setting for a loving connection will be created by gently flickering candles that emit lovely smells, as well as relaxing background music. After the magnificent strokes have put you in a deep state of relaxation, it's time to switch things up with the main event: a body-to-body massage.

Your masseur's naked skin will make song as it connects with you again and again, with a power and intensity that goes beyond sexual. You'll notice that your breath is in sync with his as it quickens. Your essences are merging, and the two of you are locked in a passionate embrace. As a masseur works on every part of your naked body, you'll feel yourself getting closer to the edge. He'll let the two of you linger in that zone of nearly intolerable pleasure before the sensational release takes place and the liquid passion consumes both of you.


60 mins £200
90 mins £250
120 mins £300
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