Sports massage for Men

Sports massage for Men

Massage Can Reduce Injuries

Getting injured is every athlete’s worst fear. Injuries impair performance, delay training and conditioning schedules during recovery, are costly to treat, and, most of all, injuries hurt.

Dealing with pain and limited mobility after an injury is exhausting, frustrating, and worth the measures necessary to avoid an injury from happening.

Plus, over time, injuries take their toll on the body.  Most of the time, damaged tissue heals, but when muscles are continually taxed to their max through high-performance athletics, the odds increase that an injury, especially a recurring one, will result in a permanent condition.

Massage therapy has come a long way.  From spa treatment to relaxation therapy; to specialized therapies, such as sports massage and prenatal massage; and, currently, according to recent research, massage therapy is making headway in preventative medicine, such as preventing injuries in athletes.


Our male massage therapist uses the fingers, knuckles, palms and elbows, applies specific techniques such as frictions, tapotement (tap the body rhythmically), light and deep stroking in the areas of the body that is used during the physical activities. These different massage movements increase the blood and lymph circulation, which allows more efficient removal of metabolic waste; It helps to prevent soreness of the muscles and reduces the time it takes for the body to recover.