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Gain access to 5 years of extensive traveling, working experience with 20+ counties, 5k+ client contacts all over the world, mainly in most European countries, North America and Singapore, Arabic Emirates by simply partnering with us.

Partner With Us

Why Partner with us

  1. Market Know-How Sharing: 5 years of intensive traveling and working over 20 counties helped us have a deep understanding of the market, so we can have better market positing and price strategy.

  2. Clients Sharing: More than 5,000 client contacts all over the world, mainly in most European countries, North America and Singapore, Arabic Emirates.

  3. Full-functional Booking System: Client’s book on the website, you receive a booking on your booking app which saves time for communicating.

  4. Publicity: With large investment in advertising, website google search and social media, we will help you reach more clients.

  5. Training: if you have no experience or knowledge of doing good massage, we can help with that. At cost of £299, you will get 2 hours of training.

  6. Studio Set-up for Your Business. We will help you choose a location, set up the studio, make a photo shooting for your workplace and yourself. build your profile page. If you have no place to work, we can also rent a studio on hourly rate in central London with all facility and privacy.

For Elite Partners

  1. Elite partners will have a chance to join our vacation package program, whether they travel to London for an overnight or a weekend.
    We offer;
    • A 2-hours full tantric treatment with accommodations service in our selected en-suite apartment.
    • Add-on service like dinner experience, tour guide, personal training, and other personalized services. We will pay a fair good price to you for all accompanying and massage service.
    • Travel to client selected destination and all travel cost covered
  2. Elite partners will have a chance to join our Work-While-Traveling Program. There will be a 2-months tour every year to the US. We will organize a round trip for you, and it's free. Travel with our team leader, get paid for your work at our agreed price, and enjoy the rest of your time discovering the cities, and parties.

How to Partner with us

  1. Tell us about yourself and upload 3 photos of your face, body, and workplace if you have.
  2. Tell us a bit more about your massage experience, your current working place, and your future plan.
  3. Make a personal meeting appointment with us. During this Meeting;
    • You will agree with us. All bookings come from us which clients pay at the stated price including service charge. We don't charge any commission from you. You get what you want.
    • A 2 hours training if needed or required.
    • We will set up an account for you at our booking system, you will receive a notification when there is a booking. You just need to block the time when you're not available.
    • Let us know If you need a place to work, our studio is available for rent. Per hour is £20 with all facilities such as free oil, massage tables and everything you need.
    • You will get paid by clients but our service charge to these clients will be included in the payment. There will be a weekly report and our service charge will be deducted.
    • You can choose your work hours, and if you're going on holiday or won't be available. Give us a week's notice. You can also stop working with us anytime without any condition.

To Become Our Elite Partner, you must have worked with us for 6 months and get more than 100 bookings with an average review score of more than 9.0.

As our elite partner, you will have access to all our services for free and a higher agreement price. These services cost £99 monthly. But Free for elite partners.

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